Should you stick with it or take a break?

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When it comes to messaging and language and words, it’s easy to get stuck. You’ve stared at the same set of words for hours. You want to yank your hair out. But the deadline is looming. You must stick with it!!!

Yes, you have to remain focused on your priority for the day. But maybe what you need is a good ol’ peregrination. Yep, some purposeful mental meandering might be exactly what you need to get you to your goal. 

Not sure what a peregrination is? Kick up your heels and find it in this week’s podcast. You just might find that taking a break gets you closer to arriving at your destination.


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  1. Peg Giffels says:

    Thank you Erica for these musings on peregrinations. I’m a big fan of pilgrimage, David Whyte and you so this was a delightful interlude.

    • Erica Mills says:

      Isn’t that poem fantastic, Peg? Love it. Here’s to leaving and arriving, and many peregrinations!

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