Alert, alert: We’ve got a gratitude deficit on our hands!

thank you in metal typeIn sifting through the data from our Wordifier research (the free tool that helps you amplify your words), I came across a startling–and depressing–discovery:  Not all nonprofits are thanking their supporters!

Gasp. Sigh. Forehead slap. Yipes!

The word ‘thank’ (as in ‘Thank you’) showed up on 54.3% of the websites. ‘Thanks’ made an appearance on 34.6% of the sites.

If we’re being generous, that means that some form of gratitude shows up on 88.9% of nonprofit websites. But in perusing the raw data, it looks like organizations who use one of these words, also use the other, meaning organizations that loverize their donors double down on that love, i.e. some form of gratitude likely doesn’t show up on 88.9% of the websites, but rather a smaller number of websites.

That there are any nonprofits with gratitude-less websites hanging out on the interwebs should be a wake-up call to us all. Gratitude is free, bountiful and feels awesome to give and receive. Here’s a Language Lab podcast devoted to the amazingness that is gratitude.

When we gather the Wordifier data in future years, I want us to be living in a world free of gratitude-less websites.

Thank YOU, dear reader, for being awesome and amazing and doing the wonderful work you do to change the world!


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  1. I’ve really loved reading your posts. We met at a dinner with Kivi lerouix a few years ago and I only recently started following you. Thanks for all the creative, intelligent mind benders you offer.

    (Not for posting: you have a typo right after loverize–and I separately heard your fantastic podcast on that, so additional thanks due there.)

    • Erica Mills says:

      Thank you, Karen, for the kind words…and alerting me to the typo! I loverize you for giving me that gracious out of not posting that part of your comment but I SO appreciate it when people that stuff out to me, so leaving it right where there…and fixing it. 🙂

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