“I wish every nonprofit could have Erica as their coach! I look forward to every meeting we have with Erica! She is smart, creative and fun…yet very, very practical. She completely understands nonprofits. She is tough on you when need be, but always in a way that is extremely supportive. Erica’s love of words is infectious and her guidance invaluable!” Jeni Craswell, Imagine Housing

Are you at a place where you could benefit from expert advice, an outside perspective, and clarity about how to use words to increase your impact? Coaching might be just what the doctor ordered. We have two types of coaching for you: group and individual. See deets below.

BIG, HUGE, IMPORTANT NOTE:  With both types of coaching, one of the MASSIVE benefits you get is access to the research behind The Wordifier. The tool is cool, but it’s just the tip of a truly worderific iceberg of data. It’s the only research of its kind for the nonprofit sector so having access to it can revolutionize your ability to connect, engage and–let’s just say–dazzle!


A group of 8-10 nonprofit pros get together once a month for 90 minutes and, in a cone of total silence, give and get advice, ideas, and support. Erica and the group serve as your personal sounding board, weighing in on everything from what you should call your fundraiser and how can I get my board on the same messaging page to how often you should send out your e-newsletter and whether you should keep printing your annual report. Our goal: make sure everyone in the group achieves marketing awesomeness.

Winter Quarter: January, February, March
Spring Quarter: April, May, June
Fall Quarter: September, October, November

Where: Sessions take place at Claxon’s Training Center on the skirts of downtown Seattle. On-street parking is plentiful and coffee/tea options abound so there’s no risk of not being adequately caffeinated.

When: The last Wednesday of every month from 8:30-10am.

How much? $299 per quarter and you sign up in advance.

Register for Group Coaching!


This is a great option if you’re ready to make serious progress in short order and/or you’re light on inspiration and/or have a time-bound deadline coming your way, e.g. you have an event coming up, you’re redoing your website, you’re tackling your year-end fundraising plan, etc.

Up to four people from your organization will meet once a week with Erica. You keep a list of questions, she’ll show up with answers (and opinions)!


  • One-time: $425
  • Once a week (4 sessions, in-person or by phone, depending on your locale)
    • 1 month: $1500
    • 3 months: $4000
    • 6 months: $7500

Ready to get started? Super! Send us a note and we’ll get our first session on the calendar.

Questions? Give us a shout. We’d love to help figure out the very best fit for you!

“I wanted you to know how useful and timely your coaching session was. We are getting materials ready for this legislative session and some of your input has been put to work already. I am sure we will be calling on you in the future.” Vicki Wagner, Youth Suicide Prevention Program