Mini-Mission Makeover: Volunteer Center of Morgan County

Volunteer Center of Morgan County, Mission Statements, jargon, language, messaging

This post is part of our Mini-Mission Makeover series.  If you want input on your Mission Statement, submit it on Claxon’s Facebook page. THANK YOU to the wonderful people at The Volunteer Center of Morgan County for being brave enough to … Continue reading

Mini-Mission Makeover: Association for Supportive Child Care

I recently did a follow-up webinar to a keynote I gave at the Alliance for Arizona Nonprofits’ Annual Membership Meeting. I invited participants to send in their response to the question “What do you do?”, so we could chat about them. The Association for Supportive … Continue reading

Please welcome Vicki Williams!

Tessa Srebro, who has been our intrepid and fearless intern for the past six months, left some very big shoes to fill for her successor…but Vicki Williams is up to the task! Vicki brings some mad stats and research skillz to the Claxon … Continue reading

Please step away from your Mission Statement!

We’re going to try out something new–Mini-Mission Makeovers. The purpose of these is to get more out of your Mission Statements. Let’s talk about those Mission Statements, shall we? Every nonprofit has one. Most are quite wed to them. Organizations invest … Continue reading

Are you tough, stuffy or sweet?

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What three adjectives would you use to describe your organization’s personality? This is a really super good question to ask and answer. Why? Because once you have a clear sense of your brand personality, you have a consistent look and feel and voice. … Continue reading