So few words. Such a very BIG problem.

Interesting and troubling fact: The top 1% of words used by nonprofits make up 65% of all the words you use. Compare this to income disparity: The richest 1% of people in the world control ~50% of the wealth. That’s a … Continue reading

[New Infographic] It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s….Super Verb!

[New Infographic] It's a bird, it's a plane, it's....Super Verb!

We learned so much from the research we did for The Wordifier. We’re still sifting through it all. But one thing was immediately, shockingly, riveting-ly evident: nonprofits are using so few words it’s worrisome.  We decided this was a problem … Continue reading

Celebrating the Big 25!

Celebrating the Big 25!

Yeah, that’s right. Last week, I told you no one cares about your anniversary and/or your birthday. And now here I am, whooping it up over our 25th Language Lab podcast. But I’m not really whooping. I’m sharing. I just … Continue reading

No one cares about your anniversary

No one cares about your anniversary

Just like you and your mom are really the only ones who care about your birthday, very few people care when your organization has an anniversary. The reality is people care about ourselves. It’s human nature. So your birthday really … Continue reading

Do’s and Don’ts for Donor-Centered Subject Lines

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Many cities and states now have a day dedicated to getting lots and lots and lots of people donating to local organizations on the same day. Greater Washington Give to the Max, Idaho Gives, GiveBIG. Whatever you call it and … Continue reading