Do’s and Don’ts for Donor-Centered Subject Lines

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Many cities and states now have a day dedicated to getting lots and lots and lots of people donating to local organizations on the same day. Greater Washington Give to the Max, Idaho Gives, GiveBIG. Whatever you call it and … Continue reading

Should you stick with it or take a break?

Should you stick with it or take a break?

When it comes to messaging and language and words, it’s easy to get stuck. You’ve stared at the same set of words for hours. You want to yank your hair out. But the deadline is looming. You must stick with … Continue reading

In a word, are you lacking a leader who leads?

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If an organization doesn’t have a leader, it is leaderless. If an organization has a leader, it…has a leader. There’s no adjective to officially refer to the state of someone or something displaying leadership. Why is that?! I first started … Continue reading

Why you shouldn’t have priorities

Why you shouldn't have priorities

Did you know that the word ‘priority’ was part of the English language for 500 years before it became pluralized? 500 years! Why should you care about this little linguistic tidbit? Because it offers insight into why your mission statement may … Continue reading

Is mediocre the new perfect?

Is mediocre the new perfect?

Used to be that if I just worked hard enough, I could tick all the things off my to-do box that needed to get done. “Perfect!”, I would exclaim at the end of the day. That’s no longer the case. It … Continue reading